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Miss Cremens

Analyzing Literature

What You Need to Know
Favorite Links & Suggested Readings
Types, Terms, Definitions
Analyzing Literature
MLA Formatting
Dedicated to Gerald Burns
Banned Books & Censoring

Checklist for Interpreting ...


 *Title of poem
 *Publication date
 *Information about the author
 *Look up words you don't know (diction)
 *Locate the normal word order (syntax)
 *Inform yourself about all allusions
 *Characterize the person or person's speaking (narrarator/characters)
 *Construct the story of the poem (plot)
 *Setting of the plot
 *Descriptive images and sensory appeala
 *Figurative language (similies, metaphors, personifications)
 *Scan the poem and determine predominant metrical pattern or lack of one.
 *Mark important caesuras
 *Note sound deviced (alliteration, assonance, consonance, rhyme)
 *Track the organization of ideas (arrangement, logical development)
 *Note the method of organizeing lines (meter and rhyme; ideas and sound)
 *Account for variations in line length
 *Effect of end-stopped and enjambed lines
 *How are the stanzas organized (rhyme scheme. fixed forms, ideas)
 *If the poem is a fixed form, learn about its conventions;
          -how does it adhere to its convenctions
 *If the poem is fre verse, Indicate devices that give it structure
 *Think how the look of the poem on the page affects you
 *Explore the connections between the poem's appearance and its meanings.


Obviously Fiction, Drama and Literatre are different than poetry. However, you can still use the Check List for Poetry. Some aspects do not apply but those that do will be helpful.
Remember to look for:
-Point of View
-Hidden Meanings
and the like.
You'll do fine! :)

"We learn from failure, not from success!"
-Dracula, Bram Stoker